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Inflatable liferaft after folding packaged and placed in a glass tube steel storage, usually arranged in the ship's sides raft rack. Installation, storage cylinder should remain upright position and secure it
with a cable tie. Tie one end of the cable assembly with a slip hook connected to the hook and slide assembly abuts fixed shelves raft hydrostatic release unit. In addition, the cylinder must be stored will lead to the first cable firmly tying the hydrostatic release unit on a connecting ring.

On which there is a frangible connection ring rope, the other end of the rope tying
easily broken on hydrostaticpressure release splint. Painter usually prohibited fromstoring barrel out. layout and installation at the bow
liferaft First large-scale vessels, increasing
with one inflatable

Dumped type inflatable liferafts 2.1 inflated molding

When you need to use the liferaft, it should be cast overboard, the inflated shape to make it. Its
procedure is:
Lashings 2.1.1 will be placed tube sliding hook loose. First pull the pin, and then up the introduction of the slip ring, slip hook and rope to tie it to be loose
2.1.2 to tie loose cable, if raft frame has an inclined chute, then stored under its own gravity tube into the water immediately; otherwise, the need to store the launch tube raft frame, the falling water.
2.1.3 in the storage cylinder during landing, the first cable from the storage cylinder constantly pulled out when it reaches the surface, it should immediately continue from the store will be the first cable
barrel out.